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2020 April APS

Singular Light-Speed (Inward) as a Theoretical Basis for Deriving Cosmic Acceleration and Resolving Einstein’s Spooky Action at a Distance 





Einstein believed “spooky action at a distance” meant quantum mechanics (QM) was incomplete, that hidden variables were needed to resolve faster-than-light influence. But Bell Inequality supported spooky action and denied Einstein’s local realism. Nevertheless, difficulties in advancing QM—e.g., deeper integration of QM with special and general relativity—hold out the possibility that Einstein’s skepticism was justified after all. In this talk we consider—given a correct derivation of cosmic acceleration (2018: a=rH^2; Lambda=3H^2/c^2) from postulated singular light-speed inward in the Hubble expansion—how the same instantaneous effect along a temporally-entangled photon’s lookback path also resolves Einstein’s faster-than-light criticism of QM. Here instantaneous temporal effect of either of two entangled photons back to the source is understood to instantly cause the complementary state of the other photon despite an unlimited separation distance in any given epoch. Action-at-a-distance is given explanation by these considerations along with deeper insight into the nature of time, both results in accord with the empirical facts while leaving intact the probability-based successes of quantum mechanics. 



Thomas E. Chamberlain 

21 April 2020